This blog is neither a company nor an organisation, just a private, non-profit, initiative and a contribution to a more accessible, media pedagogic and engaging visual and digital learning, worldwide.

My name is Jonas Thorén and I have worked 10 years at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. During my time at KTH, I started a media production unit, produced materials for e-learning and research communication, wrote a teacher’s User’s guide, worked with teacher coaching, and much more. I also launched the “smart-and-simple concept”; which means that anyone should be able to produce audiovisual learning material of high quality – with just the help of smartphones and ordinary computers, combined with cost efficient and user friendly apps of various kind.

The focus is not on digital tools or advanced technical stuff, more on the visual and engaging content that those tools and learning systems are dependent on.

Jonas Thorén
Stockholm, Sweden

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